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Nora and Manny are a pair of pugs who have been together since birth. I adopted them about 3 years ago. I am 100% in love. And you will be too.

1. They cuddle as close as pugly possible.

2. The look as upset as you feel when it gets cold outside and you aren’t wearing a coat.

3. Sometimes they form a pug stack.


5. They actually form a pug stack ALL the time.


7. They understand your need to see pugs in costumes around Halloween.

8. They are great listeners.

9. Manny’s under-bite is out of control.

10. Almost as out of control as Nora’s tongue.

11. They just want to sleep in with you on Sunday mornings.

12.  And protect you from dangerous pigeons.

13. And be everything you ever needed in a pair of best friends.

14. The end.


The front porch is one of those Southern institutions that transcends time and era and age. If you were to put one hundred southerners in a room together and ask them to find one thing to agree upon, that thing would be the glory and beauty of sitting on a front porch at dusk.

This weekend was one of those perfect-weather weekends for sitting on the porch. Saturday was sunny, but not too hot with a light, gentle wind. This morning was rainy in that perfect-for-coffee-on-the-porch-watching-the-storm kind of way. These two days have really made me appreciate my front porch. It’s a wrap-around, victorian porch. Not too big, but just right for me and the pugs. I recently did a bit of work on the porch – replaced the rotting floorboard with composite planks and added a railing and gates.


View from the corner of the porch….Target table and loveseat, vintage flower side table.



The front of the porch.


The pals standing guard.


Side of the porch…complete with two old chairs I updated with some bright yellow paint and a vintage singer sewing machine table.


My beautiful sweet friend Jessica sitting with Nora.


My roommate Jack and sweet Jessica. Totes in love.


Nora, saying “Adios!”