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We ended up having to totally restructure the fireplace, which was sad but has led to two good developments in the project:

1) We are going to repurpose the old mantel and use it as a decorative piece on the front porch – so excited.

2) We are going to use an unfinished-edge piece of vintage lumber as the new mantel!!

We started thinking about the possibility of using a vintage piece last week, and my brilliant mother knew exactly where to go: Woodstock Vintage Lumber. After wandering through the yard without any pieces really speaking to us, the owner Brent got a funny look on his face and disappeared. He then came back with the most unbelievably gorgeous piece of Tennessee Red Cedar. It was the perfect size, shape and color for the mantel! Here is what it looked like before sanding and planing:


It was love at first sight, so we purchased the piece. Billy, one of the Vintage Lumber geniuses, took the piece and planed one side so it would fit against the wall and sanded the whole thing. Here he is showing off his handywork:

And a closer look at the finished mantel:


And my cute mom (who hid from the camera), holding the piece over the unfinished fireplace:


So thrilled about this find!!


We installed the Acacia wood floors this week from Lumber Liquidators and promptly covered them up with Ram Board!  But, I managed to sneak a few photos of the floors before they disappeared.



Sadly, we weren’t able to save much of the old fireplace – once we pulled the mantle off, the rest started to crumble right before our eyes. But, our trusty carpenters are busily working on the new fireplace mantle as we speak! The plan is to use subway tile around the fireplace and have an unfinished-edge mantel above.


And we keep marching on!

Oh, you guys, it is happening. Today was demolition day in my kitchen!  You can see in the before pictures, it wasn’t a bad kitchen. But we really wanted the island to be an actual island rather than a peninsula, and I’m dying to have two-tone cabinets. So all of this had to go:

ImageImagephoto 4

And after demolition today…

ImageImageImagephoto 1

Look at those stunning vintage tiles we found beneath the old fireplace hearth!  Not sure if we can salvage them yet, but I’ll keep you posted!