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I recently acquired an antique brass lamp, and it is in great condition and a beautiful shape. But, I wasn’t really feeling the brass finish. A little too brassy, pun intented (feel free to roll your eyes). But, in only an hour, I was able to give the lamp a great, oil-rubbed bronze look that I LOVE.  Here’s how:


Step 1: Gather your supplies. For this project I used Minwax Color Express in Walnut. This is a great, easy-to-use stain that adheres to all kinds of surfaces. I used a small plate as a palette and applied the stain using a small paintbrush.  I then used a stencil brush to get the faux-antiqued look.


Step 2: Messily apply one coat of the stain with a brush. It doesn’t have to be perfect because we are going to use the stencil brush to get the finish we want.  I did this step and the next step one section at a time so that the stain wouldn’t dry before I had a chance to use the stencil brush.


Step 3:  Using the stiff stencil brush, pat the stain to remove brush strokes and get that antiqued look. This step felt to me like I was a pointillist artist going to town on a canvas. The nice thing about this step is that you can’t really mess it up – if you accidentally rub off some stain or get a thumb print, just dot over that section again with the stencil brush.


Step 4: Let it dry and you’re done! Super easy project. This lamp took less than an hour to complete. You can use the same process for antiquing cabinet hardware or even an old mirror.

I’m selling this lamp on Etsy – Go check it out!


I recently put together a light and simple brunch tablescape for the Gatherings Magazine blog. And, well, I was too excited about the table to NOT share a couple of photos before it gets published over at Gatherings. What do you think?



Before…plain side table – gorgeous shape.

Found this great little side table on Craigslist in truly perfect condition…solid wood, sturdy. I love the shape of the piece, but I was not a huge fan of the faux leather top and honey oak color.




But, I had some Annie Sloan chalk paint left over from an older project – a can of French Linen and a can of Graphite…


Ta-da! Two tone table.

side table

I kept the two-tone top, used graphite for the center section. Please ignore the pug.

side table1

I also used the Graphite to fill in the grooves and highlight the details.

This piece, along with some of my other work is available via my Facebook page:

Kickstarter: Gatherings Magazine

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The front porch is one of those Southern institutions that transcends time and era and age. If you were to put one hundred southerners in a room together and ask them to find one thing to agree upon, that thing would be the glory and beauty of sitting on a front porch at dusk.

This weekend was one of those perfect-weather weekends for sitting on the porch. Saturday was sunny, but not too hot with a light, gentle wind. This morning was rainy in that perfect-for-coffee-on-the-porch-watching-the-storm kind of way. These two days have really made me appreciate my front porch. It’s a wrap-around, victorian porch. Not too big, but just right for me and the pugs. I recently did a bit of work on the porch – replaced the rotting floorboard with composite planks and added a railing and gates.


View from the corner of the porch….Target table and loveseat, vintage flower side table.



The front of the porch.


The pals standing guard.


Side of the porch…complete with two old chairs I updated with some bright yellow paint and a vintage singer sewing machine table.


My beautiful sweet friend Jessica sitting with Nora.


My roommate Jack and sweet Jessica. Totes in love.


Nora, saying “Adios!”

I finally (FINALLY) finished the back gravel patio!  In addition to the couple of tables and chairs I already had, I was totally inspired at World Market’s 15% off outdoors a few weeks ago and I found some great side tables and pillows.  I also found some great plastic Adirondack style chairs at Publix of all places for only $30 a piece, so I ended up buying 6 of them. Then, at trusty Lowe’s I found two great 50’s-style chairs and a fire pit!  Total budget: $400. Take a look! And, see how the final result compares to my inspiration post.

IMG_2697 IMG_2761 IMG_2763 IMG_2765 IMG_2960

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were walking down the street to go to a party. We hadn’t even made it a full block when we came across a coffee table on the sidewalk wearing a ‘Take me, I’m free!’ sign. It was in pretty good shape, and my boyfriend was already in position to lift the table when I looked at him to ask if he would mind if we took it home.  Needless to say, we arrived about 15 minutes later to the party than we intended that night.

Here is the table as we got it: solid wood, subtle filigree along the edges. Sort of boring.


I decided the table needed a slight lift, so I opted for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Old White.”  I painted the filigree by hand and then painted the entire top of the table and sides. After it was painted, I sanded the edges and spots on the top to give it a rustic look before finishing the table with clear wax. I am very pleased with the results!