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Ah, book club.  For centuries women have been using “Book Club” as an excuse to get together, drink wine, eat cheese and gossip about men. My book club is no different.  This month, it was my turn to host and I tried to create a warm environment that would encourage the gossip…er, book discussion.


See you next month!


I recently put together a light and simple brunch tablescape for the Gatherings Magazine blog. And, well, I was too excited about the table to NOT share a couple of photos before it gets published over at Gatherings. What do you think?




I am thinking about updating my kitchen in the not-so-near future, so I’ve been culling some inspiration. Meryl Streep’s kitchen in “It’s Complicated” has got to be my all time favorite dream kitchen. Truly, everything about it is perfect – the white marble island, the farm table, the industrial bucket lights, the open shelving.

Let us drool:


Kickstarter: Gatherings Magazine

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1. I wish I could be painting rather than working.

2. I really should have done laundry this weekend.

3. Where’s the coffee?

The front porch is one of those Southern institutions that transcends time and era and age. If you were to put one hundred southerners in a room together and ask them to find one thing to agree upon, that thing would be the glory and beauty of sitting on a front porch at dusk.

This weekend was one of those perfect-weather weekends for sitting on the porch. Saturday was sunny, but not too hot with a light, gentle wind. This morning was rainy in that perfect-for-coffee-on-the-porch-watching-the-storm kind of way. These two days have really made me appreciate my front porch. It’s a wrap-around, victorian porch. Not too big, but just right for me and the pugs. I recently did a bit of work on the porch – replaced the rotting floorboard with composite planks and added a railing and gates.


View from the corner of the porch….Target table and loveseat, vintage flower side table.



The front of the porch.


The pals standing guard.


Side of the porch…complete with two old chairs I updated with some bright yellow paint and a vintage singer sewing machine table.


My beautiful sweet friend Jessica sitting with Nora.


My roommate Jack and sweet Jessica. Totes in love.


Nora, saying “Adios!”

Well, my pitiful excuse for an Etsy shop got a couple of new additions today!

Look at these beauties:

Vintage wine glasses

Set of 5 vintage wine glasses for $25!

And I almost hate to part with this gorgeous jewelry box:

jewelry box

$30 on Etsy!


To see more photos, visit my shop!

It’s almost spring, and my very first tulips are starting to emerge from the ground, so it’s time to tackle my backyard project.  I have a fenced-in yard with a parking space off the alley that juts into the yard.  And, opposite this parking space, I have a square, gravel-filled section inside the yard that I dream of making into a lovely patio/garden area with a fire pit, benches, a grill, etc. It has exactly none of those things currently and looks so very odd – just a patch of gravel in the back corner of the lot:


I am starting to work on some ideas, and I always use the “Wishlist” on various shopping sites to act as my inspiration boards. I suppose I could just use Pinterest, but I’ve been using the Wishlists since before Pinterest. [Insert something about old habits or old dogs.]

Well, here are a few of my favorite Wishlist items from I won’t be able to afford all of these items, specifically, BUT I will be keeping an eye out for bargains and DIY versions. I am hoping to get this garden project started quickly and underway in the next month! Progress photos to come 🙂

Fire pitGarden Stool


Fire pitBuddha

My favorite interior design blog Apartment Therapy is currently having a “My Bedroom Retreat” contest where folks can upload pictures of their bedrooms and compete for some prizes. Well, this was great motivation for me to get my curtains hung and take some decent pictures of my room.  I love how the room has turned out – I realize it’s extremely girly, but I’m fairly certain that this early-2o’s unmarried time is the only time I will ever be able to get away with such a feminine space. So I just went for it.  I was aiming for feminine without being childishly girly. How’d I do?

Source list @ the bottom.

IMG_4092 copyBedroom photos IMG_4098 copy IMG_4105 copy IMG_4112 copy Bedroom photos IMG_4045 copy IMG_4079 copy IMG_4083 copy IMG_4100 copy IMG_4110 copy

Source list:

Paint color: Behr Spring Stream

Curtains: Pottery Barn

Curtain rod: Country Curtains

Chandelier: Pottery Barn

Carriage lanterns: Wayfair

Bed: family heirloom

Quilt: Lands End

Pillows: Hand made by me (with much help from my mother)

Queen Anne chair: Junk store find that I painted.

Vanity, Dresser and Desk: Antique store

Vanity stool: Amazon

Desk chair: Antique store

Mirror: TJ Maxx Home Goods

Bench: Antique store

Glass lamps: TJ Maxx Home Goods

Glass bedside lamp: family heirloom

Bedside table: Antique, painted it myself