Nora and Manny are a pair of pugs who have been together since birth. I adopted them about 3 years ago. I am 100% in love. And you will be too.

1. They cuddle as close as pugly possible.

2. The look as upset as you feel when it gets cold outside and you aren’t wearing a coat.

3. Sometimes they form a pug stack.


5. They actually form a pug stack ALL the time.


7. They understand your need to see pugs in costumes around Halloween.

8. They are great listeners.

9. Manny’s under-bite is out of control.

10. Almost as out of control as Nora’s tongue.

11. They just want to sleep in with you on Sunday mornings.

12.  And protect you from dangerous pigeons.

13. And be everything you ever needed in a pair of best friends.

14. The end.