It’s almost spring, and my very first tulips are starting to emerge from the ground, so it’s time to tackle my backyard project.  I have a fenced-in yard with a parking space off the alley that juts into the yard.  And, opposite this parking space, I have a square, gravel-filled section inside the yard that I dream of making into a lovely patio/garden area with a fire pit, benches, a grill, etc. It has exactly none of those things currently and looks so very odd – just a patch of gravel in the back corner of the lot:


I am starting to work on some ideas, and I always use the “Wishlist” on various shopping sites to act as my inspiration boards. I suppose I could just use Pinterest, but I’ve been using the Wishlists since before Pinterest. [Insert something about old habits or old dogs.]

Well, here are a few of my favorite Wishlist items from I won’t be able to afford all of these items, specifically, BUT I will be keeping an eye out for bargains and DIY versions. I am hoping to get this garden project started quickly and underway in the next month! Progress photos to come 🙂

Fire pitGarden Stool


Fire pitBuddha