So, I found this gem on the Craigslist and just KNEW I had to have it. So, I dragged my friend Gor with me to meet the seller at (I kid you not) a truck stop north of town. It was slightly scary, but 100% worth

When I got it home, it was fairly disgusting. Covered in dust and things I don’t really care to identify. When I’m tackling a serious cleaning project like this, I like to use DL Hand Cleaner. This magic potion is my mother’s secret trick for getting rid of years of grime from furniture. I have no idea where to buy it except via Amazon. Trust me, this is the best $12.46 you will ever spend. After about two hours it was ready to prime and paint.

Primed Record Cabinet

Primed with Gripper.

Fabric removed and first coat of paint!

Fabric removed and first coat of paint!

I opted for a dark blue from Martha Stewart – Wrought Iron, and I found a great replacement fabric in a green/blue tweed. I’m so proud of the results! I had to add a shelf to the record player side, and I decided to use my leftover fabric to cover the shelf. It’s a happy little surprise when you open the lid 🙂

Record Cabinet   photo(17)

photo(14)   photo(16)